Fruit and Berries

Raspberries - Mid-July to mid-Aug.
Blueberries - Mid-July to mid-Sept.
Cherries - Rainier, Lapin, Pie,  Mid-July to late July
Apricots - Several varieties,  Late July to mid-August
Blackberries - thornless, Aug. thru Sept.
Peaches - Red Haven,  Mid-late Aug.
Plums - Santa Rosa, Shiro, Italian prune, Late Aug. thru Sept.
Grapes - table - Mid-Sept thru mid-Oct.
Asian pears - Mid- Sept. thru mid-Oct.
Apples - 13 varieties - Mid-Aug thru Oct.

Vegetables, etc.

Beans - stringless green. Late July through August
Beets - red,  mid-July thru freeze-up
Carrots - Nantes mid-Aug. thru freeze-up
Corn - sweet,  Aug.
Corn - ornamental,    Late Sept. thru Oct.,      ( not u-pick)Cucumbers - slicing and pickling,  late July thru frost

Gourds - many varieties, fall,  ( not u-pick)
Herbs - parsley, basil, dill, others, mid-July thru frost
Kale - July thru hard frost
Lettuce - several varieties, mid-June thru July
Peppers - sweet and hot varieties, Aug. thru frost
Potatoes - red and gold, late July until gone (not u-pick)
Pumpkins - mini to giant,  late Sept. thru Oct.
Rhubarb - June thru Sept.
Swiss Chard - July thru hard frost
Tomatoes - many varieties, late July thru heavy frost
Winter Squash - 20+ varieties, mid-Sept. thru Oct. (not u-
Zucchini, crookneck, scallop squash - Mid-July thru frost

Eleven Acres Farm
10909 E. Day Mt. Spokane Rd.
Mead, WA   99021
Our Produce
    Due to circumstances beyond our control (usually the weather) harvest dates and availability of produce may vary from year to year.
   We strive to grow pesticide-free or reduced pesticide produce.

Gravenstein - Firm, crisp, sweet-tart, all-purpose  apple.   Ripens mid-late August.
Ginger Gold - Firm, crisp, mildly sweet-tart, all purpose.   Ripens mid-late August.
Gala -Crisp, firm, juicy, sweet, all-purpose apple.  Ripens late August-early Sept.
MacIntosh - Crisp, sweet-tart, fragrant.  Fresh eating, pie, sauce.  Ripens mid-late Sept
 Cortland - Tart, juicy, white flesh, slow browning,  tender & juicy when cooked.  Fresh eating, salad, pie, sauce.  Ripens mid-early Sept.
 Honey Crisp -Very crisp, very sweet, stores   well.  All-purpose.  Ripens mid-late Sept. 
Swiss Gourmet (Arlet) -Sweet-tart, unusual 
buttery   flavor.  All-purpose.  Ripens mid-late Sept. 
Fuji  (Auvil Early) - Crisp, sweet, mildly tart, stores  well.   Fresh eating, pie, sauce.  Ripens mid-Sept. - Early Oct.
Red Delicious- Sweet, classic flavor
Empire - Firm, juicy, sweet-tart.  Keeps well.  All - purpose.    Ripens in Oct. 
Golden Delicious - Firm, sweet, juicy.  All-purpose.  Ripen in Oct.
Idared - Firm, tangy, juicy, white flesh.  Stores well.  All purpose, especially good pies.  Ripens in Oct.
Spartan - Sweet, all-purpose.   Ripens early Oct.

   We accept cash, local checks, debit cards, VISA,