Eleven Acres Farm
10909 E. Day Mt. Spokane Rd.
Mead, WA   99021
.Member of the Green Bluff Growers Assn.
#16 on the old Green Bluff Map and #12 on
the new map.
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​   May 10, 2024
     Hi, Everyone,
      Well, the beets and carrots are planted
    and we are starting to plant the winter            squash seeds.  Next, we will plant the
   pumpkin seeds. 
      Then it will be time to plant the zucchini, 
    green beans, tomato plants, cucumbers,
    and everything else.  
       We won't have any apricots this year.
    I haven't seen even one blossom on 
    the trees.  Maybe next year.
       We have some really nice rhubarb 
     now.  You can come out and get some
    if you call ahead to let us know you're
    coming.  $1.75 lb.
                          Bye for now,